Southern Digital provides SIP Trunks via its Partner Orbtalk, working closely together we can meet your telephony needs.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. In human language, it’s how we use your data connection and phone system to route your calls to an Orbtalk Point of Presence. The name’s not catchy but the service is. You can continue to harvest value from your existing assets, but your call charges are dramatically reduced. You get ISDN-grade call quality and reliability, and a fully featured service included within the price. You can also add or remove single or multiple channels instantly, and distribute them freely and flexibly across your network and sites.

Furthermore, because cloud telephony doesn’t suffer the premiums and vagaries of international call charges, and it recognises that you all work for the same company wherever you are, global phone charges are at local rates and calls between all your users are free.

How you benefit

  • A cutting edge phone system that uses your existing infrastructure
  • A significant reduction in your telecommunications costs
  • A more versatile, better connected workforce
  • Improved operational flexibility
  • Greater insight into and control over your call data and usage
  • No further need for expensive ISDN lines

What you get

  • Quick and easy online ordering
  • Free call charges between users
  • Free ‘softphone’ software for your PCs, smartphones and tablets
  • Full range of features included in the price
  • Audio and video routing
  • Your own secure control panel online
  • Real-time call and cost data
  • Phone numbers: single or multiple, standard and special, national and global

Under the bonnet

  • Cloud based IP telephony
  • Globally peered with tier 1 providers in every country
  • 100% availability: Global multiple Points of Presence, fully redundant, fully mirrored
  • Full Disaster Recovery failover to alternative devices and numbers
  • CLI flexibility: show any number you own
  • Number porting: reassignment of your existing phone numbers